Dancing with the Stars, Kylie Gillies The Morning Show

Kylie Gillies

Dancing with the Stars, Kylie Gillies The Morning Show

With her days and moments on Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars arriving at a conclusion following her shock dropping, Kylie Gillies has looked back at her favorite minutes from her time on the show and has expressed the amazing tales behind her “atomic wedgie” during her last outing.

Gillies was accompanied to The Morning Show by her dance mate Aric Yegudkin after the duo along with Anthony Koutoufides backed out to Kris Smith in a dramatic three-way ‘dance-off’ in a tense semi-final.

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Judge Todd McKenney was left to cast the deciding vote that saw Smith continue on for another week while at the same time drawing Kylie’s time on the show to a close.

Describing Aric as her “other work husband,” Kylie explained to her Morning Show co-host Larry Emdur that, of their two dances together, their first effort, the samba, “had a lot of steps”.

Watching vision of the performance, Kylie and Larry both exclaimed “hello” when the finale of Aric lifting Kylie onto his shoulder resulted in her skirt being hitched up a little too high.

“Was that the atomic wedgie?” asked Larry.

“That wasn’t planned,” confirmed Aric.

“It was not planned and I thought I was being very discreet, but what I forgot about was all my other cast members were standing right there,“ laughed Gillies.

“I think that – taking the wedgie out that went all the way to your shoulder blades – it was good TV, and I was going to say it took us behind the scenes but behind the you-know-what …” joked Emdur.

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For their dance-off against Smith and Koutoufides, Kylie and Aric had to perform salsa, with Larry suggesting that a picture posted to her Instagram from that performance resembled “the last time you did this – when the checkout girl at ALDI was throwing the stuff down the conveyor belt and you were trying to catch it”.

“I’m living for the photos, if I’m going to hang up the dance shoes if nothing else I’ve got some pretty spectacular photos to dine off,” replied Kylie.